Soft Wax

Your search for the best soft wax hair removal products ends here! Miss Cire’s wide range of the best soft wax and accessories work to meet your customers' varied needs. Each of our professional soft wax formulas features innovative, premium ingredients to address specific skin types. The Miss Cire strip wax collection is great for speed waxers and new waxers and is trusted by America’s estheticians. Our soft strip waxes elevate the soft wax experience and client comfort because they melt at a low temperature, making them gentler on all skin types. This non-sticky strip wax gives an easy clean-up process so that you can move on to wowing your next client.

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Iconic Blue Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz (Coarse Hair)
Iconic Blue Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz (Coarse Hair)
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I Don't Pink So - Pink Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz
I Don't Pink So - Pink Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz
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Gold Digger Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz
Gold Digger Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz
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Rio Green Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz
Rio Green Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz
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Why we love soft wax
Our professional soft wax offers cohesive hair removal that removes all the hair in its path as it smooths and softens skin. Miss Cire soft strip waxes are a go-to for brow and facial waxing because they can grab the tiniest, baby-fine hairs. Soft strip wax is also a speed-waxing dream for hair removal over large surface areas like the arms, back, legs, and chest. It doesn’t harden so you can apply the wax and non-woven strips over an entire surface area while the strip wax stays active. This versatile waxing method also comes in a soft wax roller to make this waxing treatment go even faster!

Frequently Asked Questions

New to soft wax or just want to brush up on a few things? We know our stuff, and your salon waxing business, so check out how to use soft wax in a way that boosts your confidence, client retention, and the soft wax experience for you – and them! Look over our FAQ section to hear it straight from one of the industry's top soft wax brands.

Soft wax hair removal is a classic waxing method that’s applied with a waxing applicator and removed with a non-woven wax strip. That’s why it’s called soft strip wax – it needs that strip, baby! What makes soft wax so cool, is that it’s a fave for large, small, and intimate waxing service areas. Many of the biggest brow and facial waxers of the world use soft wax to sculpt brows or tame an upper lip. Soft wax is also a favorite for waxing larger surface areas, like the back, chest, arms, and legs. Soft strip wax is applied to the skin in thin layers because a little goes a long way to give off the smoothest results. Seasoned waxing pros love soft wax hair removal on the bikini line because it can get thick, coarse hairs with ease.
Professional soft wax is best for speed and facial waxing. It’s a versatile wax that doesn’t harden, so you can apply it over an entire service area and use one non-woven wax strip two or three times to quickly move over a broad chest, back, legs or arms. It molds itself over the tiniest hairs and the skin to practically guarantee the removal of super coarse or itty-bitty brow, lip, and facial hairs. A cool bonus is that soft strip waxes exfoliate and promote circulation and lymphatic movement for smooth skin that looks and feels livelier. Soft wax hair removal is also a more affordable option than other waxing modalities.

Both hard and soft wax offer different benefits for waxers and their clients, so mastering both is key to being more well-rounded at your craft. In the end, it’s all about what you and your client's goals are and what you feel more comfortable using. Many waxing professionals keep both wax types warmed and ready to meet multiple skin needs and services and the drop of a walk-in.

  1. Professional soft wax was the “go-to” in the waxing industry for years, but hard wax has gained in popularity as it evolved.
  2. Soft wax hair removal requires a muslin or non-woven strip to remove the hair; that’s why it’s called strip wax, while hard wax doesn’t and is known as a stripless hard wax.
  3. Soft wax is preferred by speed waxers working on larger areas of hair removal, and though hard wax can also achieve this, soft strip waxes spread further and can be removed without waiting for it to set; plus, they don’t harden so that you can move fast.
  4. When applying soft wax, you can make a thinner application than hard wax, and it’s still a BOSS at removing thick to baby-fine hairs.
  5. Soft wax is excellent at removing dead skin cells and stimulating circulation.
Both wax types are bomb AF at thicker hair removal but work more effectively on different body parts. Soft strip wax is a brow and facial waxing favorite but also excellent for removing thick hair on the chest, arms, back, and legs because of the speed at which you can use it, but again, both do an excellent job. Soft wax for Brazilian waxing isn’t as prevalent as using hard wax and should only be done by a seasoned waxing pro because you can only go over an area once with soft strip waxes, whereas you can go over an area multiple times with hard wax. Hard wax is preferred to remove thicker hair on sensitive areas like the underarms or on a Brazilian wax because it’s easier to get to hard-to-reach areas without a strip, plus it’s slightly more gentle on these areas than soft wax.
Soft strip waxes can cause slightly more discomfort than hard wax, but again, only slightly, and it varies from person to person. Both wax types are excellent at removing hair from the root, so feeling that pinch is what it is no matter which wax type you use. However, the more you practice soft wax hair removal, the more it softens and thins hair to ease waxing discomfort over time. Also, when clients follow proper waxing protocol during and in between their services, and you use the best pre-and post-wax skincare, waxing can be less painful for a more-chill soft wax experience.

Each professional soft wax from Miss Cire has unique ingredients that address particular skin needs and specific services. All of our soft strip waxes are innovated to be super gentle and have low melting points, but here are each of their best uses.

Iconic Blue Soft Strip Wax
This skin-softening formula is the best soft wax for thick hair and larger service areas like the chest, back, arms and legs.

Rio Green Soft Strip Wax
This is the best soft wax for larger areas on sensitive skin because it features an anti-irritant to reduce redness and inflammation.

I Don't Pink So Pink Soft Strip Wax
This is a favorite soft wax for Brazilian and bikini lines. It’s also the go-to for facial and eyebrow waxing because its creamy formula expands tightly over fine baby hairs.

Gold Digger
Gold gives the Midas touch! This is strip wax is a cream-gel hybrid, so it’s versatile for both face and body. We love using it on smaller, more sensitive skin like the lip, brows, underarms, and intimate areas

Using professional soft wax for Brazilian waxing should be done by seasoned professionals because you only get one chance with each strip. Many advanced estheticians prefer using soft wax for Brazilian waxing for clients with exceptionally thick, coarse hairs, and because it provides fast, cohesive results with minimal pulling. Hard wax, on the other hand, allows for multiple pulls (when needed) over the same area. It’s also easier to maneuver into all the nooks and crannies because it doesn’t require a strip.
When you use Miss Cire professional soft wax with the advanced omnidirectional technology of our soft wax warmers, a 14oz can of soft wax can melt down in approximately 20 minutes.

Step 1. After plugging in and turning on your soft wax warmer, place the soft strip wax can into the wax well and put the warmer lid back on.
Step 2. Turn your soft wax warmer dial past the halfway point and wait until your professional soft wax has melted down into a liquid.
Step 3. Stir the wax and do a patch test on your skin before applying it to clients. You want to make sure the temperature is safe, and the wax is at the perfect consistency for the best soft wax results.

Wax Warmer Safety Tips

  • Keep your warmer cool and dry, away from direct sunlight or UV rays.
  • When not in use, leave your soft wax warmer turned off and unplugged. It’s also best to keep it off and unplugged when you are removing soft wax cans or wiping down your machine.
  • Don’t touch the warmer while it’s on.
  • Only use your warmer when it’s on a flat, stable surface.
  • When transporting your soft wax pot, remove the wax can and keep the machine upright.
  • Use power sources that can facilitate 10-120 Volts
  • Keep your warmer away from children or pets
  • Phone us at +1 (305) 302-2129 or email us at with any questions, concerns, or issues with your wax warmer.

When using soft wax, start with these pre-game moves.

  1. Before waxing, the client’s hair length must be at least ¼ inch long (think “grain of rice”).
  2. If they’ve used any retinoid products before waxing, they are a no-go, and your client should check with their doctor for when it’s safe for them to resume waxing services.
  3. Now, it’s your time to shine. Before waxing, use Miss Cire Pre-Depilatory Cooling Gel to soften skin and cleanse the area.

How to Use Soft Wax
Melt down your wax according to the instruction on your wax packaging. Then follow these steps for a more gentle and safer soft wax application.

How is Soft Wax Applied?
Have you ever wondered, “Do you apply soft wax against hair growth?” The answer is no!

  1. Use your wax applicator to apply a super thin layer of soft strip wax in the direction of hair growth while holding the skin taut.
  2. Press and firmly and rub on a non-woven strip over the applied wax. Make sure you're pressing in an even way to achieve a cohesive removal.

How Long Should Soft Wax Sit?
If you’re waxing a large body area, you can apply the soft strip wax over most of it and remove it methodically, section by section. Soft wax can sit for up to a minute when waxing larger areas but should be removed sooner when working on smaller parts of the face like an eyebrow to avoid any debris or dust from getting on it.

Removing Soft Strip Wax

  1. Hold the skin taut where the removal starting point motion begins.
  2. Keep the skin anchored when removing your strips by ensuring your hand and the strip stay as close to the skin as possible when pulling back the non-woven strip. Don’t remove up and out, but straight back in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  3. Use a fast-pulling motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Post-Removal Cool-Down

  1. Soothe the client’s skin by pressing flat and firmly down on the freshly removed strip.
  2. After everything is removed, use Miss Cire Post-Depilatory Moisturizing Emulsion to protect skin from bacteria and soothe the area.
  3. Client’s Post-Soft Wax Homework

    1. If your client is seriously sensitive, recommend applying cold packs
    2. .
    3. They should avoid hot baths, showers, saunas, or swimming.
    4. Keep clothing loose and flowy so that skin can breathe.
  1. Make sure that your soft wax warmer is off and chill before cleaning.
  2. Use your can handle to remove a warm wax can.
  3. Apply Miss Cire Wax Cleaner to a paper towel and wipe down your soft wax warmer.
  4. For stubborn, thick wax spills on your warmer, apply our Miss Cire Wax Cleaner directly onto the wax spots and let sit to dissolve the wax, then wipe. Repeat as necessary.