Hair Waxing For Men: Pro-Tips and What to Expect

While it’s never been uncommon for men to shave their faces, more and more are beginning to explore manscaping. It’s a trendy term to describe men removing unwanted hair in areas other than the hair or face, like the back, chest, and legs. Read full article >

Waxing vs. Shaving: How to Decide if Waxing Is Right for You

It’s been a dilemma for decades: Deciding between waxing or shaving can depend on a number of factors. From budget to skin type to schedule, there is much to think about before choosing a preferred method of hair removal. Read full article >

What is Depilation: The Ultimate Guide to Different Hair Removal Therapies

From cultural to aesthetic to medical, there are many reasons why people remove their body hair. Just like it’s natural to let it grow, it’s common to want to get rid of some bikini hair or unwanted facial fuzz. Read full article >

Advantages of Professional Waxing Over DIY Waxing

There are so many things that can go wrong when waxing without professional guidance that waxing at home is not highly recommended. DIY methods can often do more harm than good. Some of the most common risks that come with DIY waxing include ingrown hairs, bruising, irritation, and even burns. Read full article >

How Long Does Hair Have to be to Wax Effectively?

Most people who go for waxing usually think about how long they’ll be hairless, not how long their hair should be, to begin with.  So, you’re not alone if the thought never crossed your mind. Read full article >

Winter Doesn't Mean You Should Stop Waxing

For many women, winter is synonymous with wearing tights and jeans again making it the perfect excuse to ditch the razor for a couple of weeks. But, should you should also be skipping your waxing appointments during the colder months? Read full article >

Should You Exfoliate Before Your Waxing Session?

While all estheticians use pre and post wax care treatments to protect our skin, there are additional steps we can take at home to maximize hair removal and minimize pain during waxing sessions. One of the easiest and most beneficial measures we can take before a waxing appointment is exfoliating our skin. Why? Read full article >

What We Offer: Miss Cire’s Spectrum of Waxes

Waxing involves skill, years of practice, and constant dedication. When a client schedules a waxing appointment with you, they are trusting you with their health. That’s why it is essential to provide your clients with the best type of service that meets both their beauty and health needs. Read full article >

What Every On-The-Go Esthetician Should Have in Their Wax Kit

 Whether you are a licensed esthetician or are a student studying the art of waxing, being able to use high-quality waxing products can make a huge difference in your practice. Read full article >

8 Signs of a Clean or Dirty Salon

Next time you go in for your waxing appointment, look out for these general signs that can indicate whether a salon follows the best hygienic practices. Read full article >

The Dreaded Buttne: What it is and How to Get Rid of It

For most of us, buttne only becomes a problem in the summer months when bikinis and short shorts become the norm. However, you should not have wait until summer to take care of your booty-- the sooner you start a buttne treatment, the better your butt will look come summer. Read full article >

Ideal Temperature Settings for Best Waxing Results

 Paying particular attention to how hot your hair removal wax gets is especially crucial because if the wax is too hot, it will burn the skin, and if it’s too cold, it won’t melt enough to cover and stick to the hair follicles. Read full article >

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Waxing?

If you are a frequent visitor to the beauty salon, you’ve probably experienced how itchy and annoying ingrown hair from waxing can be. Sure, ingrowns after waxing do not happen after every session, but they still remain a recurring, painful beauty reality. Read full article >

When to Work Out After Waxing Sessions?

Waxing doesn’t just strip you of unwanted hair, it exfoliates your skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving a fresh, smooth layer of skin. But what happens when you immediately start to sweat on top of that new skin? A potentially irritating, bacterial bonanza, that’s what happens! Read full article >

How to Take the Pain Out of Waxing

Whether you are new to waxing or have been doing it for years, there’s no way around it--waxing hurts.  A lot. The thought of it can make some of us cringe and avoid it for as long as possible. Luckily, we have some expert-approved tips that will help make your next waxing appointment a little more pleasant. Read full article >

The Difference Between Hard Wax and Soft Wax

Despite the growing number of new hair removal products and practices, waxing remains among the most effective methods of removing unwanted hair from the body. Unlike most hair removal techniques, waxing pulls body hair from the roots below the skin providing smoother and longer lasting results. However, not all types of waxing methods are the same as results can vary greatly depending on the kind of wax that is used. Read full article >