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Benefits of using Miss Cire waxing accessories
If you’re already using superior-quality Miss Cire wax and warmers, keep the party going by using equipment for waxing made by us for our products and beyond. Our disposable waxing spatulas, Brazilian wax equipment, epilating strips and non-woven wax strips roll are just the beginning for taking your services to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know why Miss Cire is different – from our philosophy to how we recommend using our accessories and equipment, our products are here to complement your Miss Cire wax and warmers. We not only provide you with the most superior products needed for waxing but are here with the tips and tricks of the trade to support your growing business.

You always want to be walk-in ready to meet any client’s needs. When using soft wax, you need to have waxing strips prepared from either pre-cut strips or a non-woven wax strips roll. Each strip should be tailored to the needs of the service. For example, you need small lip epilating strips or waxing strips for intimate areas.

For hard or soft wax, professional waxers need to protect their clients from cross-contamination and will need waxing table paper, and disposable waxing spatulas that come in various shapes and sizes meant for different waxing services.

There are two main types of Miss Cire waxing spatulas: a reusable spatula and disposable waxing spatulas. A reusable spatula is meant for stirring and breaking down melting wax only, it’s NEVER recommended for application on a client. Disposable waxing spatulas are essential for basic hygiene practices during your waxing services. They are meant to be dipped into wax once only, applied to your client’s skin, and then disposed of. The different shapes and sizes of disposable waxing spatulas provide different results for the face, body, and intimate areas.

The products needed for waxing are the same for any craftsperson; you want certain shapes and sizes to achieve specific results. And just like a makeup artist with their brush collection, you need different spatulas at the ready for whatever your clients throw at you. Here is a short guide to which reusable spatula or disposable waxing spatulas go best with some of the most popular waxing services.

Miss Cire 5.5" Facial Disposable Waxing Spatulas - 100 Ct
Get clean control and flawless lines over detailed or smaller brow, lip, or facial waxing areas. The smaller size of this facial applicator also gets into tight spots like the inside of the ears and nose.


Miss Cire 6" Body Disposable Waxing Spatulas - 100 Ct
This is the perfect width, thickness, and length needed for a smooth and even spread over larger facial or smaller body areas like the buttocks, feet, underarms, and intimate parts.

Miss Cire 7.8" Extra-Large Body Disposable Waxing Spatulas - 100 Ct
The size and shape of these spatulas can handle the pressure and challenges of thick, coarse hair over full-body, large service areas. Use them for legs, chests, backs, and arms to shorten service time and amp up smooth results.

Miss Cire Single Reusable Spatula in 6.3", 8", 9.6" with and without a handle
A reusable spatula is excellent for stirring and melting down wax. The 6.3” reusable spatula is great for use with smaller warmers, while the 8" and 9.6" reusable spatulas can handle stirring a whole lotta wax up to 10lbs.

We’ll start by saying this: waxing applicators of any kind should never be dipped back into a wax pot after being used on a client, ever. There are, however, various types of waxing spatulas made with certain materials meant for different needs. Disposable waxing spatulas are made with various types of wood, with the most hard-working being birchwood. Dip, apply, and dispose of. A reusable spatula, on the other hand, is meant for stirring wax only, helping it to melt down quicker and more efficiently. These you can clean and reuse.
If you have a non-woven wax strips roll, you should pre-cut your epilating strips to get them ready for both facial and body waxing services. If you already have pre-cut waxing strips, save some of them to create even smaller waxing strips for lip and brows. Most pre-cut strips are already the perfect 9” L x 3” W for body waxing. For the lip, brow, and smaller side face areas, 3” L x 1” W waxing strips should suffice, but you can always cut your strips down to any size to meet your specific waxing needs.

Always remember; taste is taste. In the end, it’s up to the individual to decide which waxing strips they’re more comfortable using. Both strip types, however, have pluses and minuses that tip the scale toward why one would want to use one over the other.

Muslin is made from cotton yarn, while non-woven waxing strips are made from long-grain fibers and spun into something very similar to paper.

Both epilating strips are excellent at removing hair.

Muslin Pros and Cons
Extremely strong and flexible over skin, but frays at the edges and can be messy. They’re more costly than non-woven waxing strips. They absorb wax, making the wax seep through when rubbing onto the client’s skin, making the waxer’s hands sticky.

Non-Woven Waxing Strips Pros and Cons
Cost-effective upfront and during services because you can place them up to five times over an area before needing to use another one. They are cut clean and don’t bleed through, making for a neater service.

  • First, make sure that your waxing strips are pre-cut from a non-woven wax strips roll or larger pre-cut strips for the service you are using them for.
  • After spreading your soft wax evenly over skin, press on your non-woven epilating strip over the area and firmly rub over the length of the strip, leaving a free edge on the bottom of the strip (the direction where hair is growing toward).
  • Pro-Tip: When rubbing over your waxing strips, be sure that you’re going over the entirety of where the wax was placed with an even amount of pressure.
  • Hold skin taut at the base of the free edge you made, then pull back in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Don’t pull up and out, but back, parallel to the skin.
  • Pro-Tip: You can use your non-woven waxing strip up to five times and to remove any leftover waxing residue.
  • Dispose of your used epilating strips in the trash after they are used.
  • You can apply each non-woven waxing strip to one client’s skin up to three to five times. Your waxing strips can only be used on one client, then disposed of after use.