Deluxe Stainless Steel Professional Wax Warmer - 5 Lb (Hard Wax Warmer)

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Miss Cire’s top-of-the-line Deluxe Stainless Steel Large Wax Warmer was designed to melt 5 Lb (2.2 kg) of melted hard wax to the perfect consistency. Our highest-quality professional wax warmer was constructed with an omnidirectional heating element that guarantees evenly melted wax in 25 minutes or less. It also includes an accurate temperature control wheel which makes it easy to target the perfect temperature for different types of wax, enabling an even honey-like consistency no matter the type of wax being melted. This wax warmer does NOT come in with an insert. The wax is meant to be poured directly into the pot.

built to be environmentally friendly, durable enough to survive everyday use, and efficient enough that everyday use won’t drive your electric bill through the roof.

All Miss Cire professional depilatory supplies are designed to make every part of your job easier. The Large Professional Wax Warmer quickly heats any type of wax, and removing leftover residue after a waxing treatment from the galvanized aluminum pot is a breeze. In addition, the stainless steel finish of the Professional Series Wax Warmers adds a chíc elegance to any spa or salon.

Our Deluxe Stainless Steel Professional Wax Warmer comes with a free 1.85 Lb free sample of hard wax from a variety of our Film Hard Wax formulas, including blue, pink or purple.


  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel design
  • Metallic lid
  • LED temperature indicator.
  • Outside Measurements: 11″L x 10″W x 6.5″H
  • Inner Pot Measurements: 6" Diameter x 5.5" Deep.
  • One (1) year warranty for manufacturing defects only (Repair or Replace)
  • Temperatures ≤ 120 ℃ / 250 ℉
  • Power supply: 125 VAC – 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 450 W

-Plug in your wax warmer into a wall outlet.

-Turn the switch on the back of the unit on.

-Place wax beads or tablets into your large wax warmer, then put on the warmer lid.

-Set the temperature of your wax warmer to the highest temperature until the wax is fully melted. Stir occasionally.

-Lower the temperature to let the wax cool to a thick, honey-like texture.

-Mix the  wax and test strip before applying wax on your client.

-At the end of your day, make sure to turn off the unit and unplug it from the wall. Do not leave unit on. Leaving your unit on overnight can overheat cause and become a hazard. It is very dangerous to leave an electronic running on all day/night.


selected :Deluxe Stainless Steel Professional Wax Warmer - 5 Lb (Hard Wax Warmer)