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Medium Pink Wax Warmer - 2.2 Lb

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  • Description

Miss Cire's Medium Pink depilatory wax warmer is the perfect wax heating solution for every busy salon and esthetician. We’ve engineered a sleek new design with a no-drip system that makes waxing a clean and comfortable experience for you and your client. This professional-grade wax heater is suitable for all Miss Cire hard wax products and quickly melts up to 2 pounds of depilatory wax to the perfect consistency every time.


    This product includes an easy-to-clean aluminum container and secure lid to speed up the waxing melting process. It also includes a highly-accurate temperature control wheel and a thermostat connected to an LED indicator light alerts you when the wax has achieved the perfect consistency.  

    Miss Cire gives you the ultimate control to give your clients a comfortable and effective depilatory experience without the pain or the mess. This depilatory wax warmer has been specially crafted for heat resistance, and the high-quality temperature control wheels make it easy to obtain the right wax consistency. Miss Cire Pro Wax Heater has an easy to use on/off switch, and an LED system activates the temperature light indicator.

    Every Miss Cire Wax Heater equipment is known to be ecologically friendly, extremely durable, and cost-effective in power consumption. It is easy to clean and remove wax residue. The white alpine finish adds an air of sophistication and elegance to any salon or waxing room.


      • Elegant & durable design
      • Aluminum lid and warming pot
      • LED temperature indicator
      • Temperatures ≤ 120 ℃ / 250 ℉
      • Power supply: 125 V. AC-50 Hz
      • Power Consumption: 150W
      • Measurements: 7"" x 8"" x 6""
      • One (1) year warranty for manufacturing defects only (Repair or Replace)


    selected :Medium Pink Wax Warmer - 2.2 Lb