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Hard Wax Starter Kit
Hard Wax Starter Kit
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Hard Wax Pro Kit
Hard Wax Pro Kit
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The Best Professional Waxing Kit

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting in the beauty industry, Miss Cire waxing kits are the best way to incorporate high-quality esthetician supplies in your professional practice. Each professional waxing kit in our collection has been carefully created to provide estheticians and their clients with the best possible results.

Our professional waxing kits come with all the essential esthetician tools you need to keep your clients coming back for more. Each waxing kit includes a professional steel wax warmer, depilatory treatment lotions, waxing accessories, and our signature Miss Cire hard wax.

Hard Wax Starter Kit

The Miss Cire Hard Wax Starter Kit is the ideal choice for students and new professionals in the industry or experienced estheticians with a small scale business. Our Hard Wax Starter Kit includes:

  • One (1) Pro Large Wax Pot 5 lbs. Capacity
  • Two (2) Bags of Beads Film Hard Wax 2.2 lbs.
  • One (1) Post-Depilatory Emulsion
  • One (1) Pre-Depilatory Gel
  • One (1) Pack of 100 Disposable Applicators

Hard Wax Pro Kit

Our Hard Wax Pro Kit was specifically created for the experienced professionals or those working with a large clientele. Miss Cire’s Hard Wax Pro includes:

  • One (1) Pro Large Wax Pot 10 lbs capacity
  • One (1) Beads Hard Wax 23 lbs.
  • One (1) Post- Depilatory Oil x 500 ml
  • One (1) Pre Depilatory Gel x 500 ml
  • One (1) pack of 100 disposable body applicators
  • One (1) Single large spatula 9.6”

Top-Quality Esthetician Supplies

The items in our Miss Cire kits have been specially selected to provide a unique waxing experience that will give your clients a boost of confidence that will help them feel like the best version of themselves. Miss Cire’s collection of waxing kits and professional waxing supplies has been designed by estheticians and beauty experts with decades of experience in the industry guaranteeing professional results that will leave customers satisfied and coming back for more.