Waxing at Home Glitter Fun

Put some sparkly magic into your waxing session with a Miss Cire Glitter Waxicle. This popsicle-shaped glitter wax blends concentrated, cosmetic-grade glitter with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic hard wax that adds full-on disco-inferno vibes to any waxing session. It doesn’t alter your wax’s performance and works best with translucent, gel hard wax.

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Brighten you wax - and your day
Give yourself a glittering treat that’s also non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free with a condensed glitter popsicle that adds a little bit of excitement to your waxing treatments. Each Waxicle comes one in a pack, which can brighten up to 5lb of translucent hard wax formulas. Try it in some Besame Mucho Clear Hypoallergenic Film Hard Wax or You Blue My Mind Blue Hard Wax or any translucent film hard wax formulas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waxicles are the hair removal equivalent to jazz fingers, and we can’t wait for you to celebrate the ultimate encore – smooth and healthy-looking skin! Check out these FAQs to learn all about how to achieve the most dazzling finish with your wax!

First, we take a concentrated amount of safely cut, cosmetic-grade glitter and suspend it in a hypoallergenic hard wax that gives your more bling for your buck.
It's best to stick to one Waxicle per 5lb of hard wax to create the ultimate glitter wax.
It's safe to use on most skin types, as it’s made with high-grade cosmetic glitter.
Only use your Waxicle in translucent hard wax formulas for the highest glitter payoff.
Our glitter particles are encapsulated within a hypoallergenic wax that dilutes into your wax pot for a dazzling display that only leaves flawless-looking skin behind – not glitter.