The Best Waxing Products for Sensitive Skin

Waxing sensitive skin can be a slippery slope. Luckily, we’ve got the goods – the best wax for sensitive skin and the knowledge to back it up to help it stay cool and smooth. Miss Cire waxing products for sensitive skin can help prevent irritation and redness with soothing ingredients to be gentler on skin. Explore our collection of the best hard wax for sensitive skin and soft wax as an excellent face wax for sensitive skin. Don’t forget pre and after-wax care to round out flawless hair removal on reactive skin types.

How to identify sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can be genetic or caused by things like pollen, ingredients, or medication. It may affect parts of the body or be an all-over issue for both dry and oily skin types. Oily and dry skin need a proper balance of hydration and sebum for daily protection and when waxing sensitive skin.

Characteristics of Sensitive Skin

Waxing sensitive skin without the proper precautions can cause hives, skin lifting or wax burns, while making redness and irritation worse.

Redness Skin turns red easily, even just by touch
Irritation Can experience itching or slight burning sensations
Dry Patches Flaking areas of dry skin (even on oily skin types)
Which wax should be used for sensitive skin?

One of the first steps in preventing sensitive skin issues while waxing is to use high-quality waxing products for sensitive skin. Miss Cire has the best wax for sensitive skin, whether it’s hard wax for body or soft face wax for sensitive skin. Each formula is incredible for reactive skin types because of its low-temperature melting points, calming ingredients, and protective qualities.

Here are our top picks for waxing sensitive skin.



Film hard wax is fabulous for body waxing or as face wax for sensitive skin. The best hard wax for sensitive skin is film hard wax as it has a buffer over skin that “shrinkwraps” or tightens around hairs to gently remove them from the root without adhering to skin.

Mademoiselle Pink Cream Film Hard Wax
Spread on this creamy formula that protects when waxing sensitive skin. It gently removes fine to coarse hair and leaves a velvety skin finish.
Hairy Days Are So Over Film Hard Wax
This hypoallergenic film hard wax has all the sensitive skin good-good and then some! It uses non-irritating ingredients that encapsulate each hair while leaving skin unscathed.
Besame Mucho Hypoallergenic Film Hard Wax
Get soft, kissable skin with this hypoallergenic, specially formulated hard wax for sensitive skin. It is made from non-irritating ingredients that don’t break or crack for even, virtually pain-free hair removal.
Luxe Hypoallergenic Film Hard Wax
Hold on to your hats; Luxe is on the scene for one of the most luxurious waxing experiences for sensitive skin issues. It’s a vegan, hypoallergenic wax that shimmers over skin to grip hairs but leaves skin soft and smooth. Plus, it’s oh-so-pretty!
Boy Toy Hypoallergenic Vegan Film Hard Wax
Waxing sensitive skin with this advanced hard wax helps keep it relaxed. It’s dermatologically tested and made for full-body use.
Face wax for sensitve skin
Though hard wax can be gentler on sensitive skin types, special soft waxes can also be beneficial as face wax for sensitive skin on areas like the eyebrows or lips. We’re obsessed with the following soft waxing products for sensitive skin.
I Don’t Pink So Pink Soft Strip Wax
A practically painless soft wax specially formulated for waxing sensitive skin areas. It’s non-sticky, super creamy, and has a flexible texture that removes hairs directly from the root as it moisturizes skin while reducing irritation at the same time.
Gold Digger Soft Strip Wax
This soft wax gives the Midas touch over sensitive skin types and is excellent for facial and body waxing. Its blend of non-irritating ingredients using a low-melting point for the ultimate in skin comfort.

Along with using the best wax for sensitive skin, how you prep before waxing is so important to help keep it cool, calm, protected, and free from bacteria and debris. Start with Miss Cire Pre-Depilatory Cooling Gel. It’s one of the top waxing products for sensitive skin because it uses soothing and cleansing essential oils to remove impurities while strengthening skin’s natural protective barrier.

Active Ingredients

Witch Hazel For gentle cleansing
Green Tea Extract Cleans, calms, and neutralizes free radical damage
Cucumber Extract Cools and soothes before waxing sensitive skin

When waxing sensitive skin, any redness equals inflammation. That’s where your post-wax waxing products for sensitive skin come in. Miss Cire Post-Depilatory Emulsion soothes and calms redness while re-supplying skin with what it needs to keep itself regulated after waxing. With cooling Cucumber Extract, Green Tea, and Pomegranate extracts, this protective lotion chills the skin out.

Active Ingredients

Sunflower Seed Oil Removes wax residue, moisturizes and calms sensitive skin
Pomegranate & Green Tea Extracts Cleanses as it helps reduce skin irritation, redness, swelling, and free radical damage
Grape Seed & Gotu Kola Extracts High in antioxidants and anti-microbial properties to help speed skin recovery in sensitive areas

Miss Cire Ingrown No More Serum is one of the best waxing products for sensitive skin because it delicately exfoliates skin to help speed skin recovery after waxing.

Active Ingredients

Peppermint, Organic Tea Tree & Organic Eucalyptus Waters These hydrate and cleanse, while reducing redness and inflammation
Glycerin & DL-Panthenol Help sensitive skin retain moisture to replenish and strengthen the protective moisture barrier.
Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic Acids Gentle exfoliators that promote waxing recovery after waxing sensitive skin
Matrixyl 3000 Contains peptides that strengthen freshly-waxed, sensitive skin

Only use waxing products for sensitive skin when it isn’t overly reactive. If you feel like the skin isn’t in a good place to wax, save it for another day.


Begin by using waxing products for sensitive skin.

Start Your Warmer

  1. Ensure that you’re using the best wax for sensitive skin.
  2. Turn on your warmer and turn the dial to the desired temperature written on your wax packaging.
  3. Melt wax into a thick honey-like consistency for hard wax and into a liquid for soft wax. This process can take around 20 minutes, depending on the amount of wax you're heating up.
  4. Keep stirring the wax from the outer edge of the pot. For hard wax, you can also add more beads to help cool the wax down.
  5. Pay attention to the temperature of the wax to ensure that it's reacting properly.
  6. Test wax on the inside of your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot.


  1. Take an anti-inflammatory about a half-hour before waxing sensitive skin.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Cleanse the area with Miss Cire Pre-Depilatory Cooling Gel.

Applying Wax Over Sensitive Skin

  1. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth. Apply soft wax in a thin layer (hard wax can be applied thicker).
  2. Soft wax doesn’t need to set; just place and press a non-woven wax strip over it. If using hard wax, let it set for a second. Pressing over hard or soft wax strips helps the wax to evenly adhere over skin to avoid having to go over it again as much as possible. You cannot go over an area more than once when waxing with soft wax. For hard wax, pay attention to skin’s response if you must go over it again. If it’s severely red, one pass is all it can handle.
  3. Don’t double-dip your wax stick back into the pot to avoid getting bacteria into your wax. Toss it and use a fresh one for each strip.

Removing Your Wax Strip from Sensitive Skin

  1. Hold the skin taut with one hand while pulling off your strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. This helps keep the skin anchored as you pull.
  2. Pull straight back, never up and out when waxing sensitive skin.
  3. Taking a deep breath before each pull can help minimize discomfort.
  4. After pulling off each strip, press on the area to soothe the skin.
  5. When you’re all finished, immediately apply Miss Cire Post-Depilatory Emulsion to soothe, cleanse, protect and remove any remaining wax residue.
  6. Follow with a cold pack.

Waxing After Care for Sensitive Skin

  1. After waxing, wear loose clothing (cotton and linen fabrics are best), and avoid hot baths or pools until the next day.
  2. Only use gentle, non-comedogenic products on skin a day after waxing, like Miss Cire Ingrown No More Hair Serum to keep skin chill and clear from irritation.
  3. 24 hours after waxing, gently exfoliate skin with a warm washcloth or products with fruit enzymes, which are the easiest on sensitive skin.
  4. Exfoliate once a week in between your waxing sessions to keep skin clear and smooth.
  5. Consult a board-certified dermatologist if you experience swelling or redness even a few days after waxing.

Pro Tip: Be sure to shut off, unplug your warmer, and put the lid back on when you're not using it.


Waxing sensitive skin can be very safe when you follow the proper precautions and understand which wax should be use. Only use high-quality waxing products made with sensitive skin in mind and know how to prep sensitive skin before waxing and how to treat sensitive skin after waxing.

Since sensitive skin doesn’t always affect the whole body, we’ve got to know how reactive an area can be to decide which wax type is best. Always patch test an area before waxing hair removal, even when using the best hard wax for sensitive skin or strip soft wax as a face wax for sensitive skin.

If the area is severely reactive, cream film hard wax might be the best hard wax for sensitive skin. Still, soft wax is great over fine short facial hairs because you can usually get them all in one go. You can only go over skin once when waxing sensitive skin with soft wax.

Ultra-sensitive areas like the underarms or bikini line might be best with hypoallergenic cream hard waxing products for sensitive skin, which add an extra gentle touch, while thicker-skinned areas could be cool with either wax type.