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Aloe Vera Roll-On Wax in Bulk - 3.9 oz

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Aloe Vera Roll-on cartridge it has been carefully developed for all skin types. Its unique formulation of vitamins, essential minerals, antioxidants, pigments and high-quality ingredients allow a smooth hair removal and at the same time moisturize the skin while reducing irritation.

It’s easy to use, hygienic, and disposable after use. Convenient for speed waxing and time saver for busy waxers.


1-INSERT THE WAX CARTRIDGE: Place the wax cartridge with the Roll-on head up into the Roll-on wax warmer.

2-TURN ON THE UNIT: Turn the switch to “I” located at the front bottom of the unit base. A green light will turn on. Leave the wax warming up for approximately 20 minutes.

3-REMOVE LABEL: Once the wax is liquid remove the plastic label located on the cartridge head.

4-MAKE SURE THE WAX HAS REACHED THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE: Apply the wax directly into a non-woven strip until the wax start to slides smoothly.  (use it on a flat and hard surface, such as a table).

5-TEST THE WAX TEMPERATURE: The temperature of the wax will remain constant throughout the day. it is very important to test the wax temperature by applying a small amount on the inside of the wrist before applying directly into the customer.

6-CLEAN THE SKIN: Clean the skin area to be waxed to remove any cream residue, makeup or sweat. It is recommended apply the “Miss Cire Pre Depilatory Cooling Gel” until the area is completely dry so the wax adheres better.

7-APPLY THE WAX: Position the Roll-on applicator facing down. Slide the roll-on over the area to be waxed in the direction of hair growth forming a thin layer.

8-APPLY A NON WOVEN STRIP: Place a non-woven strip on the wax layer and press firmly (rubbing) with your hand so the wax adheres well to the strip (release the lower end to be able to hold the strip at the time of pulling).

9-REMOVE THE NON-WOVEN STRIP: Remove the non-woven strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, pulling hard and parallel to the area to be treated. Tighten the skin, especially if there is flaccidity. Avoid pulling vertically.

10-REPEAT THE STEPS: Proceed in the same way throughout the area to be waxed until all the hair in the area is fully removed. You can use the same non-woven strip until it is annoyingly thick to continue.

11-SOOTHE THE WAXED AREA: When finish the treatment, apply the Miss Cire “Post Depilatory Moisturizing Emulsion" to calm and soothe the area, massage evenly until absorbed. It will also help to clean the area of any wax residue that may remain on the skin.

12-TURN OFF THE UNIT: Turn the switch to “O” located at the front bottom of the unit base. A green light will turn off. Disconnect the unit from the electricity outlet.

13-CLEAN THE UNIT: Please make sure that the unit is unplugged from the electricity outlet and that the unit it is completely cooled off. Use a lint “free” soft cloth wet with the “Miss Cire Wax Cleaner” to remove any type of residue on the unit. Never use solvents, aggressive detergents, or any other type of liquids to clean the unit. NEVER EVER SUBMERGE THIS DEVICE UNDER WATER.


selected :Aloe Vera Roll-On Wax in Bulk - 3.9 oz