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Extra Large Neon Hot Pink Professional Hard Wax Warmer - 10 Lb

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Calling all PINKaholics.

Tired of plain boring wax warmers?

Our Extra Large Neon Hot Pink Wax Wax Warmer is the perfect combination. Hi-End technology and a fun touch for the trendy esthetician. Our Professional-grade hard wax wax warmer has been designed to hold up to 10 Lb  of melted wax. Manufactured to meet the needs and expectations of every waxing specialist. This unit is perfect for busy waxers who need ready to use wax trough-out the whole day. Forget about  refilling your pot multiple times daily. The Neon Hot Pink will add that POP you were looking for to spike things up on your waxing room. This unit comes with a free 1.85  Lb free bucket of wax  from our film hard wax formulas. This large capacity wax warmer has been designed from start to finish to be super easy to clean, ecologically friendly, highly durable, and cost-effective in its power consumption.This wax warmer does NOT come in with an insert. The wax is meant to be poured directly into the pot.


  • Elegant yet durable design
  • Aluminum lid and warming pot
  • LED temperature indicator
  • Measurements: 14"L x 11.5"W x 7 3/4"H
  • One (1) year warranty for manufacturing defects only (We will repair it or we send you a new one)
  • Temperatures ≤ 120 ℃ / 250 ℉
  • Power supply: 125 V. AC-50 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 450W

-Plug in your wax warmer into a wall outlet.

-Turn the switch on the back of the unit on.

-Place wax beads or tablets into your large wax warmer, then put on the warmer's lid.

-Set the temperature of your wax warmer to the highest temperature until the wax is fully melted. Stir occasionally.

-Lower the temperature to let the wax cool to a thick, honey-like texture.

-Mix the  wax and test strip before applying wax on your client.

-At the end of your day, make sure to turn off the unit and unplug it from the wall. Do not leave unit on. Leaving your unit on overnight can overheat cause and become a hazard. It is very dangerous to leave an electronic running on all day/night.


selected :Extra Large Neon Hot Pink Professional Hard Wax Warmer - 10 Lb