I Don't Pink So - Pink Soft Strip Wax - 14 Oz (Bulk)

Miss Cire Pink Soft Strip Wax is a painless wax for the most sensitive areas. This pink hair remo... Read full description
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Miss Cire Pink Soft Strip Wax is a painless wax for the most sensitive areas. This pink hair removal wax requires a low temperature melting point. It is non-sticky, super creamy, and has flexible texture. Just a thin layer is the perfect application, it removes the hair directly from the root and moisturizes the skin while reducing irritation at the same time. Miss Cire has taken the hassle out of body waxing and provides the best products for painless waxing at home. Making it the most convenient method for speed waxing and an effective time saver for busy waxers.

Pink Soft Strip Wax for Skincare Specialists

This perfectly pink body wax adds a fun twist to the hassle that body waxing once was.
Miss Cire Pink Strip Wax is especially formulated for sensitive skins.  Recommended use of leg hair, back hair, arm hair, as well as the more sensitive areas on the body. We recommend that you use our Miss Cire Pre-Depilatory Antiseptic Gel accompanied with our Miss Cire Post-Depilatory Moisturizing Emulsion to get the best results. This is a wax hair removal process that will leave the skin feeling smooth and gentle!

Pink strip wax, low temperature, non-sticky, super creamy and flexible texture, specially formulated for sensitive skins but also for sensitive areas of the body such as underarms and bikini line.

Just a thin layer is a perfect application, it removes the hair from the root and at the same time moisturizes the skin while reducing irritation.

Convenient for speed waxing and time saver for busy waxers.


Can dimensions

Top Diameter - 4"

Bottom Diameter -  3.75 "

Height - 3  2/16



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Glyceryl Rosinate, Paraffinum liquidum, Titanium Dioxide, CI 26100.

Step 1 Warm up the wax in a  wax warmer until the wax it’s melted with a liquid consistency. Always test the wax temperature on a small area before apply it to avoid burns.

Step 2 Gently apply the Miss Cire Pre-Depilatory cooling Gel to clean and disinfect the area.

Step 3  Each and every time dip a new spatula into the wax container and apply a thin layer of wax in the same direction of the hair growth. 

Step 4  Apply a non woven strip or a muslin strip and press firmly. Lift up a border of a strip and pull it off with a single fast pull, this time against of the hair growth.

Step 5  To finish the treatment, gently apply the Miss Cire Post-Depilatory Moisturizing Emulsion and massage smooth until absorbed.

Face  -  Eyebrows, Sideburns, Ears, Upper lip, Nostrils, Chin, Neap of the neck.

Body -  Arms, Armpit, Shoulders, Back, Abdominal area, Brazilian area, Bikini line, Buttocks, Legs.

  • Ensure the wax is not too hot or too cold before applying on the skin.
  • DO NOT use on broken or irritated skin.
  • DO NOT use if your skin has suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past.
  • DO NOT use within 2 hours after  taking a shower or 24 hours after sunbathing.
  • If you are on medication that affects the skin or you have a skin related disorder, consult your doctor before use.
  • Keep away from children.
  • If it is your first time using this product, please read How to use instructions under the product description.
  • This container is not microwaveable.

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