LUXE - Hypoallergenic Vegan Film Hard Wax Film Hard Wax Beads - (BULK)

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LUXE Hypoallergenic Film Hard Wax Beads - Upgrade your waxing services with the most luxurious hard wax formula on the market.  Luxe, our Hypoallergenic Vegan Film Hard Wax has been formulated with hand picked ingredients, offering the  prettiest metallic pink color. Luxe is part of the new generation of waxes for sensitive skin. Super efficient on all skin and hair types, even the most sensitive ones. Perfectly adheres with the hair, not the skin. This formula is a premium level hard wax in beads presentation, intended to be used for hair removal on delicate areas such as: bikini, face and armpits. Luxe offers a hybrid consistency, it is a mix of creamy and gel consistency. Made from synthetic ingredients allowing an effective and clean removal for short, thin and coarse hair with no pain or irritation. It glides effortlessly when applied. Its low temperature provides an even and steady melting and contributes to customer comfort. It dries fast for speed waxers, its great elasticity prevents from breaking or getting brittle. Animal cruelty free.  Apply at a honey like consistency and remove strip while the strip is still tacky not when is fully dry.


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Special Instructions; During warm weather it’s normal for the Hard Wax beads to stick together due to the ingredients on the formulation, this does NOT affect the quality or efficiency of your wax beads.  To Release the beads, simply put your bag of wax inside of a cold temperature room for at least 1 hour, set your closed bag on a hard surface and tap the bag until your beads separate, pour your beads into your pot  and get waxing 😊


Step 1 – Warm your Miss Cire Metallic Pink Hard Wax Beads until it is the right consistency (heavy cream consistency is best). Be sure to test the temperature of your wax by applying a small amount to a patch of skin to avoid burns.

Step 2 – Liberally apply Miss Cire’s Pre Depilatory Antiseptic Gel to clean and disinfect the area.

Step 3 – ALWAYS use a clean spatula into the wax container for sanitary purposes. Apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth and leave wax to cool for a few minutes.

Step 4 – Stretch the skin and pull the wax off parallel to the skin with one single fast pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Step 5 – To complete treatment, gently apply Miss Cire Post Depilatory Moisturizing Emulsion or Miss Cire Post Depilatory Calming Oil and massage into skin until completely absorbed

Face  -  Eyebrows, Sideburns, Ears, Upper lip, Nostrils, Chin, Neap of the neck.

Body -  Arms, Armpit, Shoulders, Back, Abdominal area, Brazilian area, Bikini line, Buttocks, Legs


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