Hair Waxing For Men: Pro-Tips and What to Expect

Hair Waxing For Men: Pro-Tips and What to Expect

Hair Waxing For Men: Pro-Tips and What to Expect

While it’s never been uncommon for men to shave their faces, more and more are beginning to explore manscaping. It’s a trendy term to describe men removing unwanted hair in areas other than the hair or face, like the back, chest, and legs.

Women have long dominated the hair removal wax market, but waxing for men is rapidly gaining popularity. Clients seeking long-term smoothness will put down the razor in favor of waxing facial hair men, and many will go for men full body waxing. There are more men waxing legs than ever.

Yet, there are still plenty who may be hesitant about their first experiences with body waxing for men, mainly because they may not be as accustomed to the process as the average woman.

Body Waxing for Men: Is It Really That Different?

There are really only a few differences between hair waxing for men and waxing for women. These should be considered for body hair - for the most part, facial treatments like eyebrow waxing for men are basically the same as for women.

Men tend to have hair in more areas than women do. While women typically do not have hair in their chest area, man chest waxing is a service in high demand. Men also tend to have hair all over their backs, not just above their bottoms.

Aside from where men have hair, consider how much hair they have. The chest, back and leg areas can be especially abundant!

When it comes to bikini waxing for men, there are some more significant differences. If a client is seeking Brazilian waxing for men, be mindful of the sensitive, loose skin in the area. Communicate with your client to know where you shouldn’t put pressure.

Hair Removal Wax for Men

Because men generally have more body hair than women, treatments can be longer for male clients. To minimize pain and redness, choose a professional waxing kit fit for sensitive skin. This will make the lengthy procedure easier on your client.

Additionally, preventing ingrown hairs is imperative. Before waxing, make sure the targeted area is cleansed and exfoliated. This isn’t specific to men or women - it’s an essential part of reducing irritation and optimizing results during and after treatment. This even applies to a simple men eyebrow waxing.

Leg Waxing for Men

Hairless legs aren’t just for women. Whether it’s for athletics or aesthetics, more and more men seek out smooth legs..

Waxing legs for men is very similar to the process for women, but if your client has never removed leg hair before, his fuzz might be a little too long to treat. Using hair clippers, trim the length down to no less than a quarter inch. This will make the hair adhere to the wax better during treatment.

Nose Waxing for Men

There are plenty of men waxing eyebrows, but what about nose waxing for men?

Men can have extremely thick nose hair, so coarse that it is immune to clippers and other gentler solutions. If left untreated, too much nose hair can actually pose hygiene issues.

Getting a good hair removal treatment can keep your nostrils fuzz-free for weeks. Nose waxing begins with putting melted wax on the end of an applicator. The instrument is then placed inside the nostril for a little over a minute before being quickly pulled out.

It definitely seems painful, especially with the lengthy lead-up. So, make sure you consult with your client to make sure he’s comfortable with the process.

Tying It All Together

Whether a client is looking for a bikini wax or waxing eyebrows, men should know that the process itself isn’t really different between men and women. Male clients do require a bit of extra time for treatment, but a professional esthetician can do the job well.

The most important thing is making sure your client is comfortable, especially if it’s his first time. The world of waxing is opening up more and more to all genders.