Should You Exfoliate Before Your Waxing Session?

Should You Exfoliate Before Your Waxing Session?

Should You Exfoliate Before Your Waxing Session?

Out of all hair removal methods, there is no doubt waxing is one of the most effective which is why millions worldwide have made it their preferred method for keeping their skin smooth and radiant year round. But did you know your waxing sessions should start at home?

While all estheticians use pre and post wax care treatments to protect our skin, there are additional steps we can take at home to maximize hair removal and minimize pain during waxing sessions. One of the easiest and most beneficial measures we can take before a waxing appointment is exfoliating our skin. Why?

The Benefits of Exfoliating Before Waxing

Whether you wax or not, regularly exfoliating your body and face should be an integral part of your weekly skin care routine. Exfoliating helps the skin and overall health in more ways than most people imagine. The most important benefits of exfoliating before waxing include:

  • Less pain: Light exfoliation removes dead skin on the outermost layers of the skin. By cleaning the surface of our skin, exfoliation helps wax stick to the hair and not the skin, minimizing the pain that is inherent in all waxing methods.
  • Better results: The more wax sticks to the skin the less desirable the results will be. Dead skin gets in the way of the hair and wax, so removing dead skin by exfoliation helps the wax get a clean grip on the hair.
  • Increased blood flow: Exfoliation improves blood circulation in the skin helping to break down toxins and promote the production of new cells, which in turn improves elasticity and gives skin a glowing aspect.

Best Pre-Wax Exfoliation Practices

When it comes to pre-wax exfoliation, it is crucial to keep it light. Typical exfoliating products with harsh chemicals can leave the skin extra sensitive to wax, so it’s better to treat your skin with a natural homemade exfoliating scrub. There are many recipes for homemade scrubs out there, but our favorite is the classic, super effective, and easy-to-make citrus salt scrub. All you need is:

  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 1 sliced lemon
  • 1 sliced orange

Simply blend all the ingredients until fully combined for a fresh scented, deep revitalizing scrub you can use in the shower. For light, easy-on-the skin exfoliation, use a rough washcloth soaked in warm water and gently rub the areas of the skin to be waxed using small circles.

After Wax Care

Just like there are pre-wax steps you can take to optimize results, there are tips you can follow for improved post wax care. For even healthier skin after a salon appointment, use post wax depilatory creams and treatments specially designed to keep your skin smooth and reinvigorated long after your waxing session has ended.

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