How to Take the Pain Out of Waxing

How to Take the Pain Out of Waxing

How to Take the Pain Out of Waxing

Whether you are new to waxing or have been doing it for years, there’s no way around it--waxing hurts.  A lot. The thought of it can make some of us cringe and avoid it for as long as possible. Luckily, we have some expert-approved tips that will help make your next waxing appointment a little more pleasant.

If you want your next visit to the salon to be more enjoyable than the last one, try these suggestions.

Go Pro

This is the simplest way to minimize the pain and avoid any kind of waxing nightmares. While you may be tempted to try a DIY waxing kit to avoid any potential awkwardness or maybe save a little money, there is nothing like professional waxing done by an experienced esthetician. Waxing is a delicate procedure that requires a lot of skill and years of practice to master. Estheticians are dedicated professionals who do this for a living just like your doctor or dentist, so if choosing between DIY or professional waxing, it should not even be a question.

At-home waxing may seem more convenient and cost-efficient at first, but the risks outweigh the results by a large margin. Professional waxing at a reputable salon is by far the best way to maintain healthy, smooth, and glowing skin.

Do Your Homework

So, you have decided a professional appointment is the way to go. Now it’s time to do your research.

You will probably find dozens of beauty salons in your area offering all kinds of services, but how do you know which one is right for you? Look for salons --and professionals-- who use the best professional wax brands like Miss Cire. Not all waxing products are created equal, and they can mean the difference between a tearful or pleasant experience.

Miss Cire has a complete line of waxing products designed to make your waxing experience as pleasant as possible. Miss Cire waxes meet the highest industry standards and is preferred by estheticians nationwide. Unlike harsh, low-quality waxes that can damage your skin, Miss Cire soft and hard wax are specially formulated to minimize irritation, redness, and pain. Made with the highest-quality ingredients, Miss Cire waxes are guaranteed to deliver flawless results.

Change Your Pre-appointment Routine

While choosing the right professional and the right products will play a significant role in reducing the pain that comes with waxing, there are some things you can do yourself to make the procedure even less painful.

Before you call to make your appointment, keep these things in mind:

  • Stay hydrated: When you stay hydrated, your skin stays moisturized. Soft skin makes removal of hair much easier and much less painful.
  • Take a painkiller: According to beauty experts, taking a painkiller about one hour before the procedure can help ease the pain.
  • Time it right: Try to schedule an appointment right after your menstrual cycle. Your body tends to be more sensitive right before and during your period.
  • Ideal hair length: Estheticians agree the ideal hair length should be one-fourth to one-half of an inch long. If your hair isn’t at the right length, you can still wax it, but make sure to talk to your esthetician beforehand.

Choose the Best

As mentioned before, choosing the right wax is an important decision that should not be overlooked. However, picking the right wax is only part of the solution. For the best possible results, make sure your salon also uses the right type of depilatory treatments.

Miss Cire’s line of expertly designed products includes gels, oils, and emulsions so you can be pain-free after your procedure as well. Our after wax care products such as our Post-Depilatory Calming Oil are made with soothing ingredients to leave your skin glowing and free of irritation after your treatment. For more information on why Miss Cire is the best choice for all your waxing needs, click here.