What We Offer: Miss Cire’s Spectrum of Waxes

What We Offer: Miss Cire’s Spectrum of Waxes

What We Offer: Miss Cire’s Spectrum of Waxes

Depilatory waxing may seem like a simple procedure consisting of just applying a layer of wax on the skin, letting it dry for a few seconds, and then pulling it off. It may even seem simple to actual clients who have received waxing services in the past. However, estheticians and other beauty professionals know that waxing is much more complicated than that.

Waxing involves skill, years of practice, and constant dedication. When a client schedules a waxing appointment with you, they are trusting you with their health. That’s why it is essential to provide your clients with the best type of service that meets both their beauty and health needs.

Through years of experience in the industry, Miss Cire knows exactly what it takes to deliver satisfactory waxing results, and our products prove just that. If you are looking to create the ultimate waxing experience for your clients, check out our full spectrum of waxes and what they can do for you and your clientele.

Polymer-Based Film Hard Wax

Polymer-based hard wax is the most common type of wax used by estheticians. The term polymer is applied to waxes that have been formulated using synthetic ingredients to improve its quality and overall functions. For example, Miss Cire’s polymer-based waxes contain expertly selected ingredients that are highly efficient in removing all types of hair, from fine to coarse. Due to the low- temperature formulation, they can be used on any skin type even the most sensitive ones.

Even though polymer waxes usually contain synthetic materials, Miss Cire’s polymer products also include naturally sourced ingredients like beeswax to achieve superior results by reducing redness and irritation. Moreover, our carefully formulated polymer waxes have been designed for great elasticity and convenience so you can deliver flawless results and keep your clients coming back for more.

Non-Polymer Based Wax

Non-polymer based waxes are precisely that, non-polymer based! In other words, they are made with all natural ingredients like Miss Cire’s Oh, Honey! Natural Hard Wax which is beeswax-based and completely polymer-free.

Like the rest of Miss Cire waxes, our Oh Honey! Stripless Hard Wax is a low-temperature natural wax that is suitable for all skin types and all types of hair. With excellent grip and great elasticity, Miss Cire’s non-polymer sticks to even the shortest hairs and does not crack at the time of removal.

Hypoallergenic Wax

A hypoallergenic wax reduces the chances of an allergic reaction, so your clients can enjoy their waxing appointment to the fullest. If a client has a recurring history of allergic reactions after visiting a salon, our Besame Mucho Film Hard Wax is the perfect solution.

Hypoallergenic film hard wax is made with synthetic rosin and has been specially formulated for sensitive skins by allowing effective and clean removal of the hair with no irritation. Its velvety texture provides an unparalleled waxing experience that leaves skin smooth and radiant without any irritation or other undesired side effects.

The Miss Cire Difference

Miss Cire prides itself in offering top quality waxing products to individual estheticians, spas, beauty schools, and other institutions. Our mission to make beauty simple motivates us to manufacture not only the best waxes but an entire collection of high-quality waxing products like heaters, accessories, and post-depilatory lotions that will leave all your clients 100% satisfied.

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