Winter Doesn't Mean You Should Stop Waxing

Winter Doesn't Mean You Should Stop Waxing

Winter Doesn't Mean You Should Stop Waxing

For most people, winter is synonymous with holiday music, cold weather, end of the year parties, and a few days of vacation. For many women, however, winter is also synonymous with wearing tights and jeans again making it the perfect excuse to ditch the razor for a couple of weeks. But, should you should also be skipping your waxing appointments during the colder months?

In short, no. While there is nothing wrong with discontinuing your shaving routine in the winter, waxing is a different story. Putting your waxing sessions on hold can severely impact hair growth in the long run whether you do it in the winter or any other time in the year.

A year-long waxing routine has numerous benefits which include:

Reduced Hair Growth

Waxing is more than a one session solution. A steady waxing regimen can help reduce hair growth over sustained periods of time. Hair grows in different stages, and constant waxing keeps it from reaching the latter stages when it is thicker and stronger. Repeatedly removing hair at its initial stage weakens the hair follicles and the structures surrounding it which in turn weakens the entire hair growth process.

Less Sensitivity

Waxing can be quite painful especially if you are new to it. A year-round waxing routine can minimize pain sensitivity due to its weakening effect on hair and hair follicles. With every waxing session, roots grow finer and thinner making the hair removal process much easier and less painful.

Healthier Skin

The cold and dry weather conditions in the winter can damage our skin by causing tightness and dryness. Hair removal wax helps keep skin smooth and moisturized by exfoliating dead skin and increasing blood circulation which promotes the growth of new skin.

Confidence Boost

Unwanted stubble can make us feel embarrassed and insecure, and having to stay covered up during winter because we are trying to hide our stubborn hairs can be frustrating. Smooth, stubble-free skin gives us a boost of confidence and helps us feel more comfortable. So why limit that feeling to only certain months in the year?

For the best results, schedule an appointment with an esthetician that uses high-quality hair removal wax. As one of the most trusted professional wax brands, Miss Cire not only offers hard wax for all types of skin, but we also provide lotions and oils for a complete hair removal treatment.